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Useful Links
Ministry of Education website


Website URL:

Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development Website.


​Parenting TT- An Innovating Parenting Support Website.



Important Dates To Remember- Academic Term III.


  • School Year 2016-2017:

    • Term 1: 5th September 2016 to 16th December 2016

    • Term 2: 9th January 2017 to 7th April 2017

    • Term 3: 24th April 2017 to 7th July 2017

Important Reminders
  • Parents please continue to read with your children. 


  • No parking in front Muster point and 'No Parking' Signs.


  • Do not park in front of Ministry of Education.


  • Do not block the gates of residents at Farah Street.

"Whoever follows a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him the Path of Paradise" Prophet Muhammed UWBP

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