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The Parent Teachers' Association of TML



San Fernando TML Primary School can boast of a long history of vibrant Parent-Teachers' Associations (PTA).


The first to be formed was as early as 1962 and the earliest recorded PTA President was Mr. Stewart Ishmael. Mr. Leo V. Najab (Principal 1957 - 1974) wrote in the school's 10th Anniversary publication:

"I wish to pay tribute to the PTA for its invaluable assistance over the years, and to the parent body for their support."

The group was instrumental in promoting the Home Economics classes which encouraged sewing, knitting and crocheting by donating a Singer sweing machine. Also donated were a flagpole and a tape recorder. Books were donated regularly.


The PTA, of the time, organized lectures in education for teachers and parents alike as well as tours to the Texaco refinery and Federation Chemical Ltd. Throughout history, the PTA has assisted where Government funding did not. They acquired a Gestetner 300 in 1969 (copier), a television set in 1978, a photcopier in 1984, fans in 1989 and a computer in 1997. And this they continue up to this day.


By 1976, the school's PTA was reorganized with Mr. Kenny Persad voted in as President. This group was described by the late Hamra-ul-Asad (Principal 1975 - 1980) as vibrant and energetic. He noted that the co-operation between parents and teachers was "of a very high standard." Fundraising got a boost this period as the PTA held annual bazaars in 1976 and 1977 and also helped to organize the Sports Day in 1977 and a buffet dinner at Oxford Club in 1978. Since that time, there are many who have served the school well.


Major fundraising was needed when the new school had to be constructed. The PTA, headed by Aaseen "Tikki" Ali, (PTA President 1988 - 1995) was instrumental in raising the $1.8 million needed. There were many events including barbeques, bazaars and dinners - all to aid in construction. His team included: Ms. Ann-Marie Tawari, Ms. Rampeyari Lalla, Mr. Nizam Mohammed, Mr. Wahid Mohammed and Mrs. Donna Ali. This team staged two walkathons and Eid dinners.


Taran Maharaj (PTA President 1998 - 2004) and his team helped with many upliftment projects over his seven-year period. He worked well with the three Principals under which he served. He will always be remembered for his affable, easy-going nature and his unwavering committment to the school. DJ Jaggernauth and his team were responsible for the installation of fire extinguishers and the development of an evacuation plan. They were also responsible for relocating the library, refurbishing the computer room, and the installation of benches in the playing field and traffic-speed bumps on Roodal Street. Some upper school classrooms were air-conditioned, funded by the many fundraising drives: bazaars, walkathons.


The following list includes some of those individuals who gave of their time, effort and expertise:

  • 1960s: Stewart Ishmael

  • 1976/77: Kenny Persad

  • 1978: Wazim Mohammed, Azamuddin Khan, Nazim Muradali, Mervyn Mohammed.

  • 1988 - 1995: Aaseen "Tikki" Ali

  • 1997: Hafeez Baksh

  • 1998: Jonene Salem Ali

  • 1998 - 2004: Taran Maharaj

  • 2004 - 2007: DJ Jaggernauth

  • 2007-8: Wazir Khan

  • 2009 to present: Wazir Hosein



* Excerpt taken from the San Fernando T.M.L. Primary School's Diamond Jubilee magazine



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