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Leo Vernon Najab - Former Principal (1957 - 1974)


Upon every good foundation, the prime requisite is to erect a monument of such esteem that it will forever glow in the hearts of those who have had contact with it. The architect here was our second Principal - Mr. Leo Vernon Najab.


Mr. Najab accepted the challenge as laid down by Mr. Murtuza Baksh and worked assiduously toward the pinnacle. He was no stranger to San Fernando as he taught in the Grant Memorial (Pres) school for several years. His name became a household word for his effective teaching and strong discipline. Because of his known sterling qualities, parents came from all quarters to have their children admitted.


Like his predecessor, he took charge of his class in addition to his administrative chores. He also went around teaching other classes in the school. Mr. Najab was a keen sportsman and an avid cricketeer whose enthusiasm spread to teachers and pupils to the extent that both academic work and sporting activities were highlighted in the school. As Principal, he was teacher, advisor, encourager and indeed an astute leader. He was able to co-ordinate staff and talent in such a way as to derive maximum benefit for the pupils. His love and elite qualities saw him putting the "Pupil's Concern" first. He always began each term with a flag raising ceremony and ended with a flag lowering ceremony accompanied by the National Anthem.


For the period 1957 to 1974, Mr. Leo V. Najab and his various members of staff must be heartily congratulated and highly praised for making the history of this school as picturesque as it is. The huge number of parents, ex-pupils, and well-wishers who attended his Valedictory Function showed the esteem, gratitude and love they held for him as he had undoubtedly endeared himself to the vast majority.


Hi last words - as written in the Log Book: "High praise and commendation to the teachers who made my stay here an unforgettable experience. I wish to commend the staff for their co-operation and devotion to duty while under my guidance."


He was married to Veronica and has two children, Patricia and Kelvin, past students of San Fernando T.M.L. Primary School.

To such a noble and dedicated teacher and principal, we wish to say a hearty - Thank you!


Mr. Leo V. Najab was born in October 1917 and died on 21st January 2000.



Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un

"Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return."




*Excerpt taken from the San Fernando T.M.L. Primary School's Diamond Jubilee magazine.

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