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Home Economics


In the past, Home Economics was a major aspect of the curriculum when the San Fernando TML Primary School was located at the Mosque Hall, Prince Albert Street.


For many years, the teacher-in-charge was Mrs. Ferosha Muradali. The aim of the class was to encourage and stimulate interest among the senior girls in household, social and cultural activities. It engendered cooperation and understanding among all the students.


Home Economics included cooking and baking and talks on housewifery and deportment. Sewing was also part of this subject, with special emphasis on embroidery and knitting.


Scarcity of space and utensils forced the class to held monthly instead of every Friday. At present,Home Economics is part of the school's post SEA activities. Students, both boys and girls, take part in basic kitchen duties. They learn to bake, make cookies, sandwiches, pholorie and pizza. They are taught proper table etiquette and they also learn to sew (basting and buttons).


*Excerpt taken from the San Fernando T.M.L. Primary School's Diamond Jubilee magazine.

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